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The Girl that Finally Lost Her Virginity

Wanting to lose her virginity for while, Marie was finally ready to get fucked by her boyfriend Tim.

"My parents are away for the weekend", Marie said to Tim. "Can you come over tonight"?

"Of course", responded Tim. When he hung up the phone he said to himself "finally". The days of getting his dick beat off were getting old. He knew that Marie was going to finally let him fuck her.

Tim arrived at Marie's house around 8:00 and rang the doorbell. To his surprise, Marie answered the door wearing the sluttiest lingerie that he had ever seen. "You look so hot", said Tim. "Thank you", Marie replied.

Marie walked Tim into the living room and sat him down on the couch. Not wasting anytime, she quickly unbuckled his belt like a girl on a mission. This instantly made Tim's dick hard. Aggressively pulling down his pants, Marie whipped out Tim's dick and immediately started going to work. She started by stroking his hard cock, starring at the look of pleasure on her boyfriends' face. After a few minutes, Marie dove right in taking Tim's entire dick in her mouth and stuffing it down her throat. Bobbing her head up and down, up and down, Marie was having a lot of fun like virgin sluts at sex movies. Tim started moaning louder and louder.

With Marie positioned on her knees next to him on the couch, Time slowly reached in between her legs to feel her already moist pussy. He started rubbing her clit, quickly increasing the speed. This made Marie suck his dick even hard. While she was fitting Tim's massive cock down her entire throat, Tim started to finger deep inside Marie's pussy. Moaning with his dick in her mouth, Marie was more than ready to squeeze her boyfriends' dick deep inside her pussy. Quickly sitting up, Marie wrapped her legs around Tim's waist and slid his rock hard dick in her pussy.

Tim couldn't believe how good Marie's twat felt as she slowly started to fuck his dick. Rocking back and forth, Tim could barley take it. As Marie went faster, Tim buried his face in her gigantic tits and started sucking on her nipples. With his mouth on one breast and his hand on the other, Tim could feel Marie fucking him faster as she was beginning to scream very loud. Instantly Tim stood up with Marie in his arms and started to make her bounce on his dick. Up and down, in and out, Marie was getting fucked very hard. Tim couldn't believe this was finally happening.

He could feel his cock throbbing as it was about to explode. He couldn't take it anymore. Tim quickly pulled Marie off of his dick and dropped her on the couch. Squeezing his dick, Tim pointed it toward Marie as a huge stream of cum shot all over her face. Marie immediately sat up and took the tip of Tim's penis in her mouth while she sucked out every last drip of cum out. Marie couldn't believe she had waited so long to fuck her boyfriend. "Let's make a porn video for xxx tube next time", said Marie.

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